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An Effortless Method to
Unlock your Academic Potential

Get the Effortless Academic Quick Start Guide – a free 7 day email course that will teach you the tools and methods to increase your academic creativity.

Upcoming Webinar: Research Gap Strategies and Tools

Find a research gap in your domain by using a step-by-step strategy and the right combination of tools. From note taking to visual mapping of your entire domain you will get an easy to follow, step-by-step strategy to find the research gap.

4 Courses to Become an Effortless Academic

Each course will teach you a critical aspect of being an academic and make your journey easier, more productive, efficient or enjoyable. Scroll down for details.

The Effortless Literature Review: Find literature efficiently with the right AI workflow.

The Effortless Academic’s Manual: Gather and synthesizing what you learn in your research.

Academic Knowledge Management: Organize massive academic projects with ease.

Effortless AI: Leverage the greatest technological advancement in human history to do in minutes what takes others days.

Effortless AI

Academic Knowledge Management

► System to organize vast amounts of information for your research
Find any paper you have ever read in seconds
► Synthesize complex arguments for your lit review or paper
Generate novel ideas by just browsing your notes
► Showcase: 330,000 words of academic in my own vault
► Structure academic projects that span years

The Effortless Literature Review

• A 5 hour online course •

Step-by-step system from idea to finding relevant publications.
► Leverage the Litmaps App to find, prioritize and keep track of papers.
► Learn importance filtering to cut reading volume by 75%.
► Find reference gaps in any publication (even your own).
► Synthesize information using academic mind maps
► Integrate your findings into a note-taking system
► Learn AI discovery tools to save hours on research.

The Effortless Academic’s Manual

• A 9 hour online course •

The most important part of research is creativity, understanding and memory. Not learning these skills is like driving a car, but never learning traffic rules or studying a map. You might get into trouble or just take much longer than necessary.

If you are looking for a proven strategy to become a better, more organized academic, this course is for you.

► Become more creative by using connected notes.
► Generate new ideas for your research with tag graphs.
► Step-by-step system from academic notes to publication.
► Learn faster through “Linked Concepts”.
► Master Obsidian, to build a “second brain” for your research.
► Learn to use and connect Zotero from Mushtaq Bilal, PhD.
► Get more citations on your papers with Prof. Lennart Nacke.

Testimonials from Workshop Participants

“This is one of the most efficient methods of conducting a literature review.

I took Ilya’s seminar in Jan and was blown away by it, esp. the Obsidian integration.”

Mushtaq Bilal, PhD

“It was awesome to realize how much time I could save using all these AI tools for academic writing.

The webinar by Ilya was just what I needed!”

Cecilia Cuellar, PhD

“I really appreciate your workshop. It is rare to see the combination of (1) actual substance; (2) practical tips, but at a decent speed; (3) understandable explanations and (4) so much structure.

I imagine that you either spent a great deal of time preparing this workflow or you must be a talented teacher.

Either way, the workshop gave about 6 times the value I was expecting for the price it was […]”

Julija Jerneva, PhD Cand.

Note Taking

Most people take notes as summaries of papers they read. This is like using your iPhone only for taking pictures. Using note taking tools like Obsidian we can instead create living, searchable and connected notes. These boost our creativity on auto-pilot by revealing new connections and vastly increase what we can remember/access. Learn all of it in my course on note-taking.

Literature Review

There is always more literature to read than time – the challenge is to know what’s important. Tools like Litmaps, Scite or Inciteful can cut your literature discovery time by 80% or more. I develop workflows that get the most out of them. So we can use the time to read, learn and do research. The learnings of two webinars with over 1000 academics are now part of my course on literature reviews.


Everyone has heard of ChatGPT (and its problems). As academics we need the AI to be truthful and factual. As a scientist myself I identify, test and vet the most promising AI tools and show you how to use them for discovery, reading, writing and organization of your research. If you want to be ahead of everyone else with this technology join my Effortless AI course.

Start your Journey to Become an Effortless Academic

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