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An Effortless Method to
Unlock your Academic Potential

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This course is an introduction how you can structure your knowledge as an academic. Your brain is famously “for having ideas, not for storing them”. This is where the tools and methods you will learn here come in. They help you have better ideas and store the details using an app and a proven system.

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Academic Knowledge Management

Next we dive into how to structure academic knowledge. After writing an equivalent of 8 PhD thesis in notes in my 6 months of doing a PhD alone I have come up with ways to structure this information and still be able to find what I am looking for in 1000s of notes.

You can learn the basics in this free course.

Learn about Obsidian

The course will begin with a brief overview of Obsidian. The best tool for academic knowledge management. It assumes no knowledge on your part just the openness to experiment with a new way of taking notes.

► Obsidian keeps your notes private and local
► It is just a text editor for knowledge
► It is free and mature with a big plugin ecosystem.

Obsidians main features relevant for academics

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This free 8-day email course will teach you the basic tools and methods to refine your research.