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Effortless AI: A Course to Master ChatGPT for Research

Get expert level knowledge on any topic by building powerful AI assistants that transform how you learn and do research. Learn techniques most people still don’t know about in hands-on, beginner-friendly examples.

Elizabeth Rigby, PhD
Associate Professor of Public Policy and Public Administration

Trachtenberg School of Public Policy, George Washington University USA

I purchased the Effortless AI course the evening it was released. I had already learned so much in the Effortless Lit Review and Notetaking courses that I had very high hopes for. As expected, it was well-organized and easy to navigate. Throughout the course, Ilya provided clear instructions for customizing bots – capitalizing on the very recent addition of this capability to ChatGPT.

Within a week, I am regularly using one of three bots I created. One to analyze anonymized student data and provide reports identifying strengths and recommendations for improvement that I was able to share with my students, one to help me decipher error messages and quickly make tables/figures as I conduct data analysis, and one to help me figure out what to make for dinner given what we have at home. So pretty much useful all around.

Ilya is able to identify ways that tools like ChatGPT and Obsidian can work to make academic research better, quicker, more enjoyable, and likely to have a bigger impact. I am so grateful that he is sharing these insights with all of us.

What you’ll get out of this course

► Generate powerful GPTs* that do in minutes what took you days previously.
► Leverage AI to master skills you know little about (e.g. statistics or computer programming)
► Teach ChatGPT to analyze data, describe images and generate plot results
► Learn prompting secrets that get perfect results from ChatGPT every time
► Learn how to talk (not chat!) to ChatGPT in any language
► Understand why ChatGPT hallucinates and how to avoid it
► Revolutionize how you learn by using ChatGPT as your personal podcast outdoors

*GPTs or customGPTs or bots refers to a new feature introduced by ChatGPT in October 2023 that allows you to customize ChatGPT for specific tasks.

Wim Buysse
Forest and Conservation Management

Agency for Nature and Forests (ANB) Ghent, Belgium

I had the chance to preview and test “Effortless AI: A Course to Master ChatGPT for Research”, a new course by (Ilya Shabanov). Here’s my review: […]
3/8 🎓 Audience: The course is designed for academic researchers but is also valuable for those dealing with research outputs, like policy makers, project managers, and anyone committed to continuous learning. […]
5/8 🕒 Relevance: Learning to create custom GPTs is becoming an essential skill. This course helps you gain the skills for extracting and summarizing specific information from papers in a fast way, automating repetitive tasks, and improving your learning efficiency. […]
8/8 🔍 Conclusion: For those working with information, knowledge, and research outputs, this course is likely the most useful ChatGPT course currently available.
(Read the full review on X)

GPTs: A leap forward in AI

GPT bots allow you to add precise instructions on how this bot will talk to you and provide additional files that it has access to. It sounds too straight forward but once you get creative the use-cases will make you tremble with excitement.

Think of a bot that can read a complex manual 500 page manual on a technical instrument in a few seconds and answer any question you have using the brevity, tone and language you want to hear.

In this course you will learn why GPTs are such a big deal and how to build them using nothing but plain language.

A customGPT is as simple as adding some instructions and a knowledge base file to ChatGPT.

Martin Urban, PhD
Wheat Pathegenomics & Data Scientist

Rothamsted Research, UK

I had the possibility to test-drive Ilya’s ‘Effortless AI’ workshop and found it invaluable for me as a researcher at the intersection of biology and data science.

The step-by-step approach, from basics to advanced applications, resonated with me. The numerous hands-on examples illuminated AI’s potential to support research workflows. Discussing AI limitations was refreshingly honest, offering realistic perspectives. Exploring the mobile AI applications for fieldwork was exciting.

The commitment to updating the course content with new advancements makes it a valuable ongoing resource. The showcased use cases, especially the botanical example, were inspirational, highlighting ChatGPT’s potential as an indispensable tool. This workshop inspired me to explore integrating ChatGPT4 into my own research toolkit.

Practical Examples

In this course we are going to use ChatGPT in practical examples of increasing complexity. The first GPT bots we are going to create only do a single task from, for example a PDF that you drag and drop into the chat. More complex bots will have a multi-step conversation with you to solve your task.

Along the way you learn prompting secrets that most people do not know about like formatting using XML tags, prompt functions or chain-of-thought prompts to name a few.

You get exclusive access to the best GPT bots with this course.

Practical examples ChatGPT bots or CustomGPTs.

Rachel Woodlock, PhD
Lecturer & Acting Deputy Director

Asia Institute, University of Melbourne Australia

I had been using Ilya’s Obsidian academic notes management suggestions for a while, and knowing how useful they had been for me…so I signed up. It was the right decision.

I got much more out of the webinar than I expected, especially because Ilya covered some of the latest developments in the academic AI space that have got me seriously reconsidering not only how I plan to attack finding, selecting, and reviewing literature for my own research, but also the pedagogical implications for teaching research as well.

I don’t write reviews often, but this webinar was so good it motivated me to leave this testimonial to encourage others who may be considering taking one of Ilya’s excellent webinars or courses.

ChatGPT in the Forest

Very few people at the moment are aware of the massive transformation that the ChatGPT mobile app brings. Having the most powerful AI tool talk to you in your native tongue while you are outside in the forest is a paradigm shift in learning about the world.

In this course I will take you on an expedition to see how the future of learning can look.

ChatGPT can be used outdoors as a window to the world.

Cecilia Cuellar, PhD
Junior Research Economist

Hibbs Institute for Business and Economic Research

Texas, USA

It was awesome to realize how much time I could save using all these AI tools for academic writing. The webinar by Ilya was just what I needed!

Learn Prompting Secrets

Scientists discovered that how we talk to ChatGPT can dramatically increase its performance. These prompts are published in scientific preprints and are not commonly known (like the image on the right from Wei 2023).

In this course we will dive into various techniques that you can employ to get massively better results from ChatGPT and bots.

Chain of Thought prompting can increase reasoning capabilities of ChatGPT

Kwabla Pavis-Djre
CEO/Managing Director

Eliseli Ltd., Ghana

It was profound, educative, informative, eye opening and thought provoking. AI has come to stay, and we have to embrace it and use it ethically.

Thank you, Dr. Ilya, for your insightful presentation. You are a blessing to mankind. Ayekoo, as we say in Akan here in Ghana, to wit, well done, Sir.

ChatGPT demystified

A critical aspect of working with ChatGPT is recognizing and mitigating its limitations, such as hallucinations, inaccuracies, or bias in its output.

This course teaches you not only to avoid these but also covers why these occur in large language models. This understanding is critical to become proficient with this technology.

We will even go into how to leverage emotions in your prompts and why this works with ChatGPT.

ChatGPT training mechanism involves filling in the blanks.

Maita Goya-Arce MSc Managing Director

Fundación Maitetxu A.C. Mexico

Ilya’s workshops are spectacular and his workflows life-changing. He does a fantastic job taking you through everything step by step so precisely. He documents everything so clearly that you can reference back and find any detail whenever you have the slightest of doubts.


Why should I take this course?

In the next years, using AI efficiently and creatively will become a skill that defines the success and productivity of your career. If you can accomplish in an hour what takes someone else days you have an advantage, isnt’t it? This course is designed to get you ahead of everyone else. You will develop skills, knowledge and creativity to excel at AI.

Do I need a ChatGPT subscription for this course?

Most prompting techniques will work with the free GPT 3.5 model as well. However to build GPTs you will need a ChatGPT subscription. There is one alternative: which is less powerful than GPT-4 but free.

Is this course for beginners?

Yes, the course starts with giving you an understanding about ChatGPT and the technology. Beginners will have a soft start into the technology and will get the most out of it even if you have not used ChatGPT before.

Is this course for advanced ChatGPT users?

In my initial beta test with people from various backgrounds I got the feedback that even the most experienced users learned new things. Especially the last chapters about “prompting secrets” and multi-step AI assistants are topics most do not know about.

How do I get support if I am stuck?

This course comes with a free membership to my Discord channel (over 500 people) where you can ask me 1on1 questions and converse with other academics on the use of AI.

How long is the course?

The course takes about 6-8 hours to complete and contains ~4 hours of video. All lectures have additional material and homework to go deeper into the subject-matter as well as templates for you to copy.

Refunds and Discounts?

I always aim to make my courses affordable to everyone (compare to much shorter courses and webinars at higher prices online!). Folks from lower income countries get a location based discount (blue ribbon at the top of the page) of up to 60%. Students can request a discount by emailing me from their institutional address.
The lectures are carefully designed for a large audience and I hope that this page gives you a very clear understanding about the contents, so I do not offer refunds.

Thomas Goletz

Excellent content, clear and straight presentation. All content is offline and available for download – wonderful. This webinar is worth every cent and every second. I learnt a lot, many tips. Very helpful for many daily work. Thank you.

Meet your Instructor

Not your average scientist. After a MSc in machine learning I spent 12 years in industry, co-founded a brain training startup NeuroNation, ran a web design firm and only at 36 decided to do a PhD in biology. At this point I didn’t know much about biology – yet 6 months later I had a paper in peer review and a glowing recommendation from my supervisor:

My secret to learning very fast is not  talent. It’s “Knowledge Management”, something I did routinely as a CEO. Once AI tools came along they supercharged what could be achieved with just note-taking alone. My insights became the AI Literature Review webinar that attracted 1000+ academics across the world and introduced an innovative workflow for discovering literature.

Using ChatGPT from the early days I found the technology never “good enough” to transform the way I do research. The advent ChatGPT-4 and customGPT in October 2023, however, changed all of that. Now it wasn’t just about using ChatGPT for basic tasks but about integrating it creatively into daily work, coding, and learning, leading to remarkable efficiency gains.

This course holds the insights from 100s of hours of experimenting, aimed at empowering others to harness AI in transforming their careers, research, and daily life​​.