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How to use AI for your literature review in 2024

ChatGPT has a bad reputation when it comes to finding literature but only if you use it wrong. In this workflow we are going to collect many papers with an AI powered tol and then filter them all at once using ChatGPT and Zotero. You are guaranteed a truthful reply from the AI and yet can process 100s of papers in a seconds.

Using the GPT Store for your academic work

  • AI

OpenAI released the GPT store. GPTs allow you to create specialized versions of ChatGPT for any use-case. In this post we look at 5 examples and also some trends of AI in academia.

Note-taking tools Obsidian vs. Heptabase compared

Heptabase is a new app that helps you to break down complex concepts into a connected mind map. It is perfect for learning new things. Obsidian, on the other hand, has 100s of plugins that help you organize and synthesize knowledge using a variety of ways. In this article we discuss which one is better for who in academia.

Tutorial: Building your own custom ChatGPT for academics

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Learn how to fine-tune your own version of ChatGPT for a specific purpose. In this tutorial we are building an AI post-doc that will know everything on your research topic and research questions to help you review papers quickly and easily.

Why every academic needs to use a note-taking app

Ever spent hours searching for that one elusive note or idea? Traditional note-taking tools like Microsoft Word fall short when it comes to academic research. Explore how next-generation apps like Obsidian employ features like global search and bi-directional linking to not only save you time but also reveal hidden connections in your research, effectively.