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Effortless Academic Research System

Done right digital notes combined with the right strategy are a massive upgrade to your brain. You generate more novel ideas, don’t forget what you read months ago and have a clear organization in place to always know your next step.

This upcoming webinar will teach you the exact workflows I refined over years and use daily to organize a massive collection of 100.000+ words in notes without loosing track of what to do next. All built on free tools.

If you want to get an exclusive discount once the webinar date and exact topics are set, you can pre-enroll today (no payment required).

What is Effortless Note-Taking?

It is a system of connected notes and tools that generate research ideas on auto-pilot. With a few tweaks it organizes year-long research projects and allows you to access everything you ever read in seconds.

I found that popular systems like Zettelkasten, Linking your Thinking or Second Brain are just not made for researchers, combined and improved concepts from all of them into an “academic operating system” for the 21st century.

Every bit has been tested and refined over years of daily work in my own research. The result are ~5 PhD thesis worth of notes perfectly organized and catalogued. One of my supervisors routinely comments on me being the “best organized PhD student they ever head” and seasoned professors mentioned how “I got them into Obsidian”.

After learning some basics and sticking to them for a while the magic of a connected knowledge base of your research emerges by itself. Just like when you learn to add large numbers on paper this digital note system allows me to do things I could never do in my head alone.

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Find Everything You Ever Read

If you have been taking notes loosely as Word Documents, Paper, PDF Annotations or Emails you have probably experienced the frustration of just trying to find your notes. Effortless Note Taking is built on Obsidian, a single software to gather notes, references, lab diaries and tasks – all 100% free. The result is bigger than the sum of its parts:

► Globally search through ALL notes in milliseconds.
► Link notes together and jump topics quickly.
► Embed your PDFs, to see them instantly along the notes.
► Think visually by creating mind maps from your notes.
► Connect tools like Zotero or even integrate ChatGPT.

After trying out a numerous tools I found Obsidian to be mature enough and simple enough. You won’t miss any features, but you won’t be overwhelmed either.

Obsidians main features relevant for academics

Some Testimonials from previous webinars and courses

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