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8 Must-Know Hacks for Academic Note Taking in Obsidian

A colleague started taking notes in Obsidian recently, and I have looked over her shoulder to see what she struggled with. I realized that there are many poorly documented features in Obsidian that beginners should know. This post introduces must-know features and techniques, especially if you are new to note-taking with Obsidian.

Note-taking tools Obsidian vs. Heptabase compared

Heptabase is a new app that helps you to break down complex concepts into a connected mind map. It is perfect for learning new things. Obsidian, on the other hand, has 100s of plugins that help you organize and synthesize knowledge using a variety of ways. In this article we discuss which one is better for who in academia.

Why every academic needs to use a note-taking app

Ever spent hours searching for that one elusive note or idea? Traditional note-taking tools like Microsoft Word fall short when it comes to academic research. Explore how next-generation apps like Obsidian employ features like global search and bi-directional linking to not only save you time but also reveal hidden connections in your research, effectively.